Friday, November 23, 2018

Atascosa Highlands CBC 12/21/2018

Hello CBCers -

This year's Atascosa Highlands CBC will be held on December 21, 2018. The compiler this year will be John Yerger ( john AT ) so please contact him for assignments.

Last year's CBC was epic, and thanks to the efforts of everyone involved for the first time ever the Atascosa Highlands CBC was first in the nation for national high counts with 15 species! Interesting that the CBC in second place for high counts was the Tucson Valley CBC with 14 species. These 2 CBCs combined for 29 national high counts. Pretty amazing statistics for our beloved southeast Arizona!

The high counts for Atascosa Highlands are as follows:

Montezuma Quail - 129
Common Poorwill - 2
Elegant Trogon - 6
Gray Flycatcher - 75
Dusky Flycatcher - 21
Nutting’s Flycatcher - 1
Mexican Jay - 301
Rock Wren - 140
Canyon Wren - 113
Painted Redstart - 10
Chipping Sparrow - 3071
Canyon Towhee - 187
Rufous-crowned Sparrow - 162
Green-tailed Towhee - 68
Hepatic Tanager - 18

Given this species list its no wonder so many people want to be involved with this exciting event. If you're interested in tracking some of these highly sought after species on a Christmas Bird Count please let us know. We have a spot for everyone!

See you out there.

Jake Mohlmann
Atascosa Highlands CBC (sometimes) Compiler