Friday, December 12, 2008

CBC Fees Policy

Participant Fees Policy (taken from the NAS CBC website)
• There is a $5.00 fee per U.S. resident field participant per count.
• Feeder watchers and all observers 18 and under may count for free.
• One individual may choose to participate in 4 or more count circles and pay only a flat fee of $20. This discount is available only for participants registering at least 48 hours in advance online.
• If someone registers for 5 counts, pays $20 then one of the counts is cancelled we refund nothing except in the case that if they register for 4 counts and one is cancelled, we have to refund $5.
• Refunds of CBC fees will be issued ONLY if a count is cancelled. In this case, the compilers must notify Audubon of the cancellation of the count for refunds to be issued to pre-registered participants. If a participant does not show up on the day of the count the fee is considered a donation – in this case no refunds are issued. Also the compiler must indicate this no-show status on the site so that the participant’s name is suppressed from reports. Effort information and calculations are NOT affected by data entered/edited in the participant lists by the compiler.
• Persons who pre-register but do not show up on the day of the count must consider their pre-paid fee as a donation to Audubon. No refunds are issued in this case.
• All paying U.S. and Canadian participants, U.S. CBC participants 18 and under, and compilers will receive a copy of American Birds: Summary of the CBC.
• U.S. participants have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving this publication if they indicate this online or if they do not submit their address.

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