Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Countdown Compilation

The Countdown Compilation is considered by many to be half the fun of a Christmas Bird Count. All participants are highly encouraged to attend, as we will all be excited to hear what great birds other teams found and to share our own finds. I have again made reservations for a large group at the Longhorn Grill in Amado, and people can start showing up any time after 5:00. Just order your dinner on your own, and we'll commence the countdown as soon as we have all groups reporting in. This should be no later than 6:30.

The countdown is simply a reading of the list of expected species to find out what birds were seen during the day. Everyone present simply calls out "yes" if they have seen the bird mentioned. After a preliminary species total, each group will then have a chance to mention their highlights and add any species not called out. Then after that, we'll have a total species count for the day.

Longhorn Grill
28851 South Nogales Highway
Amado, AZ

This is the restaurant with the fa├žade shaped like a giant cow skull. The entrance to the restaurant is around to the left, on the north side of the building. Please let me know if you are having dinner here so I can warn them how many people to expect.

Please keep in mind that it takes a while to get out of the circle. Google Maps says that from the Sycamore Canyon trailhead to Amado is 1 hour 11 minutes.

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