Tuesday, December 22, 2009

January 3, 2010 Area Assignments

These are not set in stone and will be updated as needed. This information is intended to be helpful in case neighboring area leaders would like to work out logistics in transportation. If you need contact information for anyone, please let me know.

1. Bear Grass Tank and Murphy Canyon
Brian McKnight
Jim Hays
Sally Johnsen

2. Jalisco and Apache Canyons
Dennis Wall
Marley Wall
Brooks Hart

3. Arivaca Lake
Paul Sheppard
Will Russell
Mark Sharon
Farrish Sharon

4. Oro Blanco Wash
Roger Tess
Eng Li Green
Paul Green

5. Warsaw and Holden Canyons
Ethan Beasley
Malcolm Chesworth
Robert Payne

6. Bartolo Canyon
Tim Helentjaris
Leah Latura

7. Ruby and Papago Tanks
Greg Greene
Andrew Core
Mary Klinkel
Fred Heath

8. California Gulch
Dick Palmer
Reid Freeman
Richard Wilt

9. Corral Nuevo
Rob Klotz
Bob Beatson
Suzy Ehret

10. Upper Sycamore and Yanks Canyons
Richard Fray
Alan Mueller
Karen Holliday
Jenise Porter

11. Middle Sycamore and Peñasco Canyons
Dave Stejskal
Parth Nagarkar
Grant Loomis
Tyler Loomis

12. Lower Sycamore and Tonto Canyons
Jherime Kellermann
Philip Kline
Nigel Crook

13. Pine Canyon to Hells Gate
Rich Hoyer
Art Schaub

14. Atascosa Lookout and Upper Ramanote Canyon
Laurens Halsey
Janine McCabe

15. Bear Valley Ranch
Denny Hodsdon
Paul Kaestle
Larry Liese

16. Rock Corral and Tinaja Canyons
John Yerger
Greg Corman
Richard Peterson

17. Peck Canyon Complex
Jake Mohlmann
Lucy Snyder
Steven Foldi
Tom Hildebrandt
Kristan Hildebrandt

18. Wise Mesa and Lower Ramanote Canyon
Matt Brown
Josh Stewart

19. Bellota Canyon
Matt Brooks
Erika Wilson

20. Peña Blanca Lake and Canyon
Ken Kertell
Pamela Elia

21. Ruby Road East
Mark Stevenson
Molly Pollock

Kathe Anderson
Lois Lorenz

22. Alamo Canyon
Rick Romea
Joe Woodley
Bob Behrstock

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